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Masks can hide the truth. Or reveal it.


Paris Holloman is hiding an awful reality . . . 

He can see in people’s faces if there’s a likelihood of violent death in their future. The retired New York TV executive moves to Lookout Mountain in Alabama to regain some sense of equilibrium in the small town.


Instead, he finds murder. He finds suspicious locals who wonder why he had been asking so many questions about the man who soon ended up dead.  Paris’s presence seems to have stirred up not only the locals, but also the spirits of long-ago inhabitants of the mountain who seem to want him gone.


His inquiries reveal the deception, hypocrisy, and lies among the current residents of the mountain town. With few friends to help him, Paris is left to wonder if the death mask is on his own face, and he’s unable to see it.


A brand new horror mystery by multiple BRAG Medallion awardee, Dennis Anthony.


I've never read anything like it before ... I think it is a great story!

-- Claerie K.                          


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